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[OOC Information]
Name: Sarah
Age: 21
AIM and/or Plurk / E-mail / LiveJournal: universejuice / / [ profile] universejuice
What characters do you play here already, if any? Fawful, Fluttershy
Where did you hear about Just A Game? The head mod approached me a while back, see…
Have you seen MST3K before? Only a few episodes.

[IC Information]
Character Name: Wheatley
Series: Portal 2
Gender: Male
Age: 999999--- (unknown)

Species: Robot—Personality Core

Appearance: Personality Cores are small little devices, spherical in shape with one large optic in the front that serves as an eye. Above and below the optic are handles of some sort, and a port in back to plug into appropriate devices—primarily, the rails he’s supposed to move along. The outer shell is broken up into several plates, for seemingly very little purpose other than to help cores twitch and move them around to give the impression of facial expression. Useful, that. Wheatley can be distinguished from other cores by his blue optic.

Personality: Wheatley is an eager, chatty little thing, quite happy to yammer away about whatever little thing goes though his circuits. He somehow manages to always give off this cheery sort of air, seeming quite pleasant even when he’s being outrageously rude. Somehow, his attempts to avoid sounding mean or insulting to others really are more likely to make it come across as worse. But gosh, he’s so earnest about it.

As a robot, he really doesn’t understand much in the way of organic emotion, so while Wheatley puts on a good show of trying to be kind to others, he simply can’t understand how to effectively communicate, and really can’t much see others as equals at all. He still likes company—after all, he loves to talk, and it’s not the same to just talk to yourself—but the little guy is very much self-involved, looking out mostly for his own safety, and buddying up with others primarily as a manner to save his own shell.

Personality Cores are, as the name may indicate, designed to represent facet of a personality, and generally have very little else they are able to think about beyond that. Wheatley is not so much an exception as a slight variation, through either luck or extreme misfortune. See, this is Aperture’s special Intelligence Dampening Core; he is designed to be a complete moron, the biggest idiot possible, and always, ALWAYS make bad decisions.

This simple fact—that he is not only stupid, but designed to be so and can never escape his own stupidity—absolutely tears Wheatley up inside. Wrapping himself in deep denial, the core tries to overcompensate and go forward with as much confidence as possible, generally only worsening things, but he’ll never admit it, and will fly into a rage at any implication toward his own thickness. His desperate inferiority complex leads to a great excitement at the idea of being put in control of others, or really having any power at all. Not that he’d know how to use such power if he ever got it.

History: Aperture Science Laboratories had a rather unique problem. They’d put a robot in charge of their facility, but she was so power-mad that she wanted to kill everyone within the facility. So a series of cores, including Wheatley, were designed with the express purpose of slowing her down and stopping her lethal rampage.

Wheatley did a decent job sapping away her strength, cheerily infecting her with his unending stupidity, but it didn’t last long. It’s not clear what went wrong, but he doesn’t like to think about it—or about her. Scary one, that lady. But they took the core off that duty and found something far away that he could handle: keeping an eye on all of Aperture’s human test subjects, in cryostasis. Easy work for him, considering that the whole place was run automatically, and he didn’t need to do much at all.

Now, at some point after this, Aperture did indeed lose their battle trying to control the robot who ran the facility, and everyone was killed by a deadly neurotoxin. But that wasn’t really all that important to Wheatley, because he’s a robot, and deadly neurotoxins don’t really matter much to those sorts. The real issue for him was when the big robot lady in charge was defeated—by a human, no less!—and left no one in charge to manage things when humanity was, err, wiped out, or something, and then the facility lost power.

Over the next big number of years, he wasn’t really keeping track, it dawned on Wheatley that without power, there was the fact that the humans he was supposed to be keeping an eye on were likely not being… alive, still. Or non-vegetables, at least. No one waking them up now and again, keeping those brains from turning to mush and all, bit of a pain, he should have thought of that earlier. And now, surely, someone was going to find out he’d messed up, and he’d get in trouble. He had NO idea what they—she, really, that big robot lady—what she was going to do to him for this, and he didn’t really want to find out. Even if she was dead, he didn’t want to risk it. But the only way to avoid her was to get out; out of the facility, to the surface. What was he going to do when he got up there? Didn’t really think that far ahead, the getting away was the important bit.

But he couldn’t do it alone. He’d need someone to get him up there. After a bit of messing around, he found a human whose brain damage didn’t seem… too severe, anyway, she had functional limbs, that’s what mattered. He woke her up, and worked alongside the human to get out… until things went a little wrong, purely by accident, not at all his fault. But, the big robot… she woke up again. And wouldn’t you know it, the human subject Wheatley had woken up? That was the human who’d shut down the big robot lady before! What were the odds!

Eventually, Wheatley and the surprisingly capable human were able to knock the scary robot’s defenses off, and a surprising option was offered to them: Wheatley could take over, and replace the robot lady! Now, there was an idea—if he was in control, there’d be nothing to stop the two of them from getting out of the facility! Put in charge of the whole facility, the formerly tiny little core was suddenly massive, and powerful, and… and smart! He couldn’t even comprehend how smart he was! Wow, and… man, now that he thought about it… why did he need to leave the facility? He had nothing to fear, now. No one could ever look down on him again. Not that obnoxious robot woman, or that quiet human, silently judging him, they could never use him, or call him stupid, or… or…

Okay, so he went a little power-mad. Wee bit. You couldn’t blame him, though, it was pretty great! And the best part? The best part was testing. For some reason, whenever someone completed a test, it felt… oh, it felt amazing. The sort of pleasure he couldn’t even describe, and all he knew, was he wanted more of it. He needed to keep testing. So he set that little human back to work, completing his tests for him. Perfect, right? Well, it started off that way… resourceful little meatbag, but the more she tested, the less he felt that amazing pleasure. She was doing something wrong. He was building up a resistance to that great, wonderful test feeling, and she wasn’t helping at all, that selfish little mute organic! But there was no one else around to test, so… he had to find another way.

That was, until he found the little bitty robots in a back room somewhere. This little pair, designed just for testing! Unbelievable—with them around, he didn’t need the human anymore! And that meant… well, he could just kill her! He didn’t want to end up like his predecessor, anyway. Also, the idea of murdering her sounded refreshing, after all her selfishness… Stick some spikes on some mashy-plates, be done with it all! Brilliant.

…Didn’t go much according to plan, though. Tenacious little thing, got all the way to his lair, thwarted his very complex and effective plan, and… damn it all, she was trying to get the old robot lady back in charge! Okay, so maybe he wasn’t doing a fabulous job being in charge, what with the whole Aperture facility on the verge of exploding—yes, that had been something he’d been meaning to take care of, really—but he wasn’t about to get replaced! They’d all die first, he wouldn’t let them take this away from him!

But… they did. And that human, that absolutely absurd little human, she opened a portal to the bloody moon. Right under him. The force of air whooshing out into space very nearly sucked him along with it, but he still managed to hold on… but the human was holding onto him, trying not to be lost in space, either. He couldn’t pull them both in, if she would just let go—

But that horrible robot woman, she grabbed onto the human, and cut him free, and… well… that was that.

And so Wheatley was stuck in space.

With an awful lot of time to think about what an absolute terrible person he’d been.


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